Monday, 7 September 2015

Who has to change first for transformation ? Leaders or Employees?

            Most of the small and medium organization wants to transform the organization for breakthrough growth. Breakthrough growth happens only when there is radical thinking and execution happens on the way it does business on a daily basis. The person at the top thinks that people working for them have to change for transformation. However, the truth is first the leaders have to change their mindset, beliefs, and action for breakthrough growth. Transformation starts within or from inner to outer world. The organizational culture or the way it behaves is largely dependent on the leaders. People tend to follow the leader.

           First, it requires for a Leader like CEO or Head of the organisation. They need to change their beliefs towards transformation. They need to get convinced  about the need, the process of change  and its management.Once they mentally prepared for transformation, the team or employees need transformation  on beliefs and the process of change management.

           Hence the organizational transformation requires both leaders and employees  transformation