Saturday, 28 November 2015

Definition of Waste in Manufacturing Setup

Waste in Manufacturing can be defined as follows

1. Useless or unnecessary  resource consumption or expenses

2.Use of  resources , but without adequate return 

1. Useless or unnecessary  resource consumption or expenses

For example , in a manufacturing environment , we will be running the machine or equipment for producing additional  or compensating for rejection etc ..In this case , we are running unnecessarily and the machine is used LESS

2.Use of  resources , but without adequate return 

For example, machine or equipment is operated , but we will not be getting the RIGHT output or RIGHT quality output .In this case, we are running necessarliy,but not getting the right return.

Waste is alternativly termed as "Non Value Added" activities.

Waste tends to be present in manufacturing or in service activities and the aim to completely eliminate the waste or reduce the impact as much as possible.