Monday, 25 January 2016

How to identify the opportunities at BIG PICTURE perspective

       In organization ,throughout the value chain , there are numerous opportunities for value improvement or waste elimination / reduction.Since the resource availability and time is being constraint, it is wise to focus on the critical or constraint facilties to improve so that overall value enhancement will be improved

    Most of the organizations are tuned to do improvements , but in localized area or in assorted manner which results in INCREMENTAL improvement in value chain.

When as team from different cross functions  identify the macro level opportunities to improve the roadmap, it gives focus and direction to entire team to work upon.By this way , team engagement will also be improved.

There are Two methods by  which we can identify the constraint or opportunities at organization level

1. By past data and experience
2. Applying Value stream Mapping

     1.By past data and experience:

With past experience and data, team can identify the constraint facilties with the following criteria
Facility which is giving lowest output and affecting the plant output
Facility which is producing higher percentage of total revenue
Facility which is utilized very low and affecting the entire flow
Facility which is producing inconsisitentcy quaiity output and affects the leadtime

2. Applying Value stream Mapping :

Value stream mapping is a visualization tool derived from toyoto production system of lean manufacturing .