Sunday, 13 September 2015

What is Lean and Lean Manufacturing ?

         Lean is achieving “More with LESS”. It means achieving more with given resources or  achieving more with less resources .Mainly it is elimination  or reduction of waste .

         Lean manufacturing system can be understood by relating to the human body. If the person is lean means general understanding is that he/she   is free from unnecessary FAT in the  body, hence free from unnecessary side effects  like BP, Pain in joints, laziness etc.  And the person is perceived as healthy, more flexible, active etc.. The same way if the  Lean manufacturing  means , manufacturing system  is free from unnecessary fats like high inventory, high rejection, high breakdowns or line stoppages factors etc  which leads to more flexible in delivery, less lead time ,First time right , low cost of manufacturing and free flow of communication etc .

         Similarly, Lean System  or Lean Organisation means  free from unnecessary waste in the entire value chain starting from extended supply chain  system to  customer, even after sales service system .

Lean system Thinking is more than application of Tools and Techniques. It is a culture  or a way of working  or mindset of  everyone working for the organization.