Friday, 17 June 2016

Implication of Takt Time Assessment

As said earlier, Takt time is calculated with the input as "Customer Demand during a specific period".Assessment of Takt time against Cycle time has multiple benefits both at Organisation / Plant  Level and Function / Unit Level.

Takt Time Assessment can be used as Strategic as well as Tactic Tool 

On strategic level, it helps to plan the resources on short and medium term

On operational level, it helps to optimize the resources on short term 

Implication of Takt Time @ Plant / Organisation Level

It helps 

•To identify the constraints to deliver the customer requirements at plant level
•To plan short term and medium term plan to mitigate the constraints
•To plan the resources  or manpower across the plant activities

Implication of Takt Time @ Functional / Cell Level 

It helps 

•To identify the imbalance between the process 
•To plan short term and medium term plan to reduce the imbalance factors 
•To optimize the  resources  or manpower within the cell