Monday, 27 June 2016

Growth Vs Survival Mindset

     As head of the organization, your belief  about your business either as growth oriented or survival oriented  determines your business growth.

     If you look at your business only as profit making motive, you tend to make profit somehow, irrespective of adhering to process,ethics,considering the interest of all stakeholders, long-term sustainability  of business.

      Instead, if you can change your perspective  to look at the  purpose of business as to  “Enhance the value to all stakeholders”. This will improve your thought process towards long-term sustainable business decisions. As there are many stakeholders like employees, customers, suppliers, banking finance institutions, promoters, Government ,society etc  and each stakeholder has different interest or value expectation from the organization. For example , as employee, the value expectation would be good pay, learning, and growth opportunities, as customers, the value expectation would be best product or service for the money, as suppliers, the value expectation would be regular orders, on time payment etc. It is your prime responsibility to enhance the value to stakeholders in a sustainable basis for which sustainable wealth creation is the path.

     If you have this perspective about the purpose of the business, your  approach and thought process would be on building solid foundation on process, systems, technology and talent management , in turn your visionary approach would be long term oriented even though sometimes you lose in short term. That is the Growth mindset of a a CEO of successful organization in the world.