Monday, 26 June 2017

How to evaluate the plant layout options ?

One of the management challenges is to decide right plant layout given the many options.Even though Engineers are trained to design the plant layout considering the material, process, communication flow using a different set of techniques, taking a decision is cumbersome since one layout options may give a set of advantages, time, drawbacks and some other layout options may give a set of advantages and drawbacks.

Most of the time, a making .wrong decision might have taken by team depends on who is influencing the layout options or go by subjective decision making.

To avoid this mistake and consciously take the decision without much bias, Pugh Matrix with Evaluation Criteria will help.

Some of the Evaluation criteria for best plant layout

1. Shortest material flow route
2. Minimal or zero criss-cross movements
3. Ease of communication
4. Flexibility for expansion
5. Cost of layout
6. Ease of Maintenance 
7. Faciliating safety aspects
8. Ease of planning
9. Floor Space Utilization
10. People Utilization 
11. Aesthetics

Each of the above criteria can be given some weight depending upon your industry / organization/type of layout changes, and against that criteria, each layout options can be scored on the 0-5 scale. The overall multiplication of score against weight will give the FINAL score for each layout options.

You can objectively select the layout options with HIGH SCORE as it considers all the parameters with weights.

This techniques Pugh matrix evaluation removes bias to some extent while evaluating and choosing the right layout options.